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About Us

Doctor Med is a producer of the high ecologically pure products of honey. More than 15 years we have been offering our customers the best sorts of Kyrgyz honey.
For many years we are engaged in sales at the highest professional level. For that period we have become a real expert in our field and a highly recognized company known for its reputation and integrity. 
We strive to provide our customers with the best products of Kyrgyz honey every day. Our honey is our pride.
In the coming years, we intend to make our honey the number one choice both  in the Kyrgyz Republic and abroad.
Our goal is to instill the desire to use only real honey amongst people. Using honey from the right bees will make the body strong, alert, active, successful, and most importantly healthy.
In the core of our working ethic relis loves for people. You can always count on support, friendliness and exceptional attitude.
Fulfilling our promises, we always strive to give something more than you expect. The key to success is attention to details.
We do our best to justify your hopes. Therefore, at least half of our clients turn to us repeatedly and the rest are ready to recommend us to their friends.

We provide our customers with the best quality honey products at the most 'tasty' prices!